Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to build the website myself?
No, we’ll do all the building work for you.
Do I have to provide all the words and images for the website?
The package prices quoted are based on you providing us with all the text and images needed for the website. We won’t make any changes to them, so it must all be exactly how you want them to be included on the website.

However, don’t worry if you’re not a budding JK Rowling. We can help by writing the content for you. Check the Pricing page for costs.

If I supply all the text, can you check it for spelling and grammar?
Sure. Over the years, we’ve seen some glaring errors make it through to a live website, so it’s a good idea to have text checked beforehand.

We offer an optional Check Service which can be added to whichever build package you go for.

What if I don't like what you put together for me?
We want you to love your new website, so each build package includes one round of revisions where we can alter and tweak content for you according to your instructions.

There is also the option to add extra rounds of revisions – check the Pricing page for costs.

However, do keep in mind that ‘a round of revisions’ does not mean completely redoing the entire website. It’s tweaking words, images and limited layout changes.

When do I have to pay for the website build?
Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll be invoiced for 75% of the total cost of your package and any extras you’ve added on.

You’ll be invoiced for the remaining 25% plus your website hosting when the website build is complete and it is ready to go live.

Your website won’t go live until that final invoice is paid in full.

How can you build a website for me in 7 days if you don't have all the text and images from me until, say, 6 days after I sign up?
We like to think we’re good, but that would be cutting it a bit fine.

The 7-day timer will only start the moment that all the website copy and images have been supplied (or written by us) and approved.

You’ll also need to reply to any requests within 24 hours of us sending them.

How can you build such amazing-looking websites at those prices?
We’ve been building websites since 2000 and we’re always honing the process.
I'd like to write my own content, but I'm not sure how to start.
Knowing where to start can be hard. That’s why we’re putting together a free guide that will be available soon.
Will my website still load quickly even if I don't have a fast Internet connection?
Food question. The servers that we use for delivering your website to your visitors is incredibly fast. This means that your website will be sent to them at very high speed.

How quickly it loads on their (and your) computer will be dependent on your own Internet speed, which we obviously have no control over.

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